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Located within hour of the metropolitan areas of Columbia, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina, Great Falls is nestled beside the beautiful Catawba River.  The area is well known by fishing and  hunting  enthusiasts who delight in the abundance of natural hunting areas and the variety of wild game available.
     The town is accessible to Interstate 77 and State Highways 21 and 97.  It lies in the north central section of South Carolina in the county of Chester.  We are centrally located within three hours of the South Carolina Beaches and the Great Smoky Mountains, favorite vacation spots on the east coast. 
     The climate of the Great Falls area is temperate, warm with rainfall throughout the year.  Winters are moderate and summers are very warm.  The snowfall is light  with occasional accumulation.

The Town of Great Falls strives to attract industry using its available utilities which include its own Wastewater Treatment plant which provides collection and treatment and presently has the capacity to treat an additional one million gallons per day.  We also have water provided by Chester Metropolitan District which provides a county-wide system with a capacity of providing 7.5 million gallons per day of treated water. Chester County Natural Gas Authority has abundant reserves to meet the needs of industry as well as does Duke Power Company which provides electrical service to the area with one of the lowest industrial energy rate structures in the nation!
      The Town of Great Falls also offers TAX EXEMPTION for Manufacturing for all local property taxes.  We also have readily available industrial facilities within the town.  Contact the Great Falls Town Hall for more information at 803-482-2055.
Email:  GreatFalls@infoave.net


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