Hometown Association

Great Falls Hometown Association
PO Box  215
Great Falls, South Carolina 29055
(803) 482-2370
Email:  gassociation@infoave.net

The Great Falls Home Town Association is a member of the South Carolina Down Town Development Association.  The GFHTA is an asset-based  community renewal program and was granted a certificate of Incorporation on 11/15/96.  501C-3 Status was obtained on 5/99.  It consists of four committees.  They are Community, Economic Renewal, Outreach, and Quality of Place.

Economic Renewal Committee
The job of the Economic Renewal committee is to develop a clear picture of the state of the local economy and devise ways to adapt and change to meet today's conditions.

The challenge is to develop strategies to:

Keep money in the community
Support money in the community
Support existing business
Conduct community workshops
Encourage new enterprises
Recruit compatible new business
To build an economy around our own unique assets
To think outside the box

Community Committee
The job of the Community committee is to build the sense of community tied to place by developing ways for people to share together and contribute to their place.

The challenge is to find a way to allow for and even celebrate our differences while recognizing we have much that binds us together.

A goal of the committee is to find ways to engage the general populace in the activities of Home Town and the community.

Outreach Committee
The job of the Outreach committee is to develop fundraising strategies and activities as needed to support the activities of the organization.

The goals are:
To develop media contacts
To hold public information meetings
To solicit and obtain private financial support
To solicit and obtain ongoing governmental support
To create and maintain an active and effective public relations campaign

Quality of Place Committee
The job of the Quality of Place committee is to promote the enhancement of both the built and natural environments.

The goals are
Inventory existing built and natural environments
Inventory quality of life assets and liabilities such as parks, recreation, historic buildings, housing, etc.
Develop and carry out strategies for improvement

Year 2002 Board Members

Diane Bowden
Lonnie Campbell
John Henson
Kenny Johnson
Larry Loflin
David McKeown
H. C. Starnes
Alice Vaughn
Elizabeth Wilson
Frank Wood

Executive Director